September 2022

Ant’s Rant – September 2022

As a nation, we have seen a good many changes during this year, the greatest being the loss of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  Although she had a long and illustrious life, it was undoubtedly dedicated to the people of, not only this Country but also I believe the rest of the world.  I doubt we shall ever see this like again.

Also a change of Prime Minister, poor old Boris!!  From the day he took office, he had in my opinion a lot to deal with.  The follow up to Brexit, and the whole Covid experience, which quite truthly he handled brilliantly.  If I was him, I would have had a party at Christmas as well.  How fickle are the members of Parliament! 

What a Summer!  Challenging for you all, but also very enjoyable.  My Speedo’s were well employed, although my family have yet to get over the trauma.  I, in my lifetime have not seen a fruit season like it.  We have acorns the size of conkers so although playing conkers is now illegal; we have decided to play acorns instead so as not to undermine Health & Safety regulations!

On a more serious note, October is with us and the evenings are drawing in.  Therefore, the risk of flystrike in the flock is minimised, however it is still possible with the warm temperature to fall foul of the odd case – please be diligent.

With the onset of the winter housing for cattle, and the lambing season not being too far away, consider using Zermex pour-on for cattle and Zermex injection for sheep.  For more information on these products, please call the office on 01872 562902.

Plenty of coal and anthracite available at sensitive prices.